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Passenger ships

A passenger ship is a type of commercial ship the primary purpose of which is transport of passengers. The category does not include cargo ships that have limited capacity to board passengers, as cargo ships with accommodation for twelve passengers, sometimes common at sea, where the transport of passengers was incidental in relation to heavy load transport.

Until recently, all ocean ships, except transporting passengers, also transported mail, packaged cargo and other cargoes together with passenger luggage and were equipped with ship's warehouses, cranes and booms, or other equipment for loading and unloading of cargo. Although passenger boats are part of the merchant navy, they were often used as ships for troops in naval fleets in the event of war.

A cruise ship (also cruiser) is a tourist ship for cruises, usually in tropical or closed seas or along the coastal areas of culturally and historically attractive countries or countries with natural beauties. Although the first ships designed exclusively for cruises have been built as early as the 1970s, the fascinating development of cruisers began only in the mid-1990s, when, after 50 years, the first large ship from the Queen Elizabeth Transylvania, Cruiser Carnival Destiny, was built. Since then, larger boats of this type have been built.

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