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Tanker is a liquid cargo ship with the entire cargo area divided by lenghtwise and crosswise bulkheads into impermeable chambers, which are called tanks. For loading and unloading of liquid cargo from individual tanks, tankers have a special system of pipelines and pumping devices. The first tankers appeared in the late 19th century and transported oil from the Gulf of Mexico to England. Since then, tankers have been present on all seas and rivers. Tankers can be divided in size and by type of cargo they transport.
TI Oceania (formerly Hellespont Fairfax) is currently the largest double-bottomed super tanker. It was built in 2002 in the South Korean shipyard Daewoo for the Greek customer Hellespont Shipping Corporation. In 2004 he was sold to Overseas Shipping Group (OSG) and renamed TI Oceania.
The characteristics of the ship are as follows:

Maximum speed - 16.5-17.5 knots total load capacity - 441.55 tons
Length - 380 m width - 68 m draft - 24 m

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