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Used engines and parts

Marine engines are referred to as motors used on ships, usually as propulsion engines.

A diesel engine is a fuel internal combustion engine that converts the potential energy contained in the fuel into mechanical work.

Rudolf Diesel, born in Paris, but of German origin, patented a diesel engine as his invention in February 1892 in Germany. He developed the idea and theoretical principle of the operation of this type of engine - the compression of the air in the cylinder so that it significantly increases the temperature, after which the fuel is injected into the compressed air, which immediately ignites due to high temperature. The combustion of fuel causes the piston to move downwards, and thus useful work is achieved, which is repeated cyclically.

The idea of a diesel engine was created in response to the requirements for a machine that would have a higher coefficient of useful effect than the steam machine and thus consume less fuel. This was the first practically applicable concept of internal combustion engines. During the development of the engine, Diesel has made several work models to examine the impact of certain structural and functional parameters on engine efficiency.

During 1893 Diesel produced the first model of the engine that operated with a coefficient of useful effect of 26% - for modern diesel engines, this figure is ridiculously small, but at the time it was more than twice the coefficient of useful effect that the steam machines had. Diesel did not stop here, but he continued with experiments, in 1897 to produce a diesel engine with an enviable 75% coefficient. This engine, as practically usable, was shown next year at a fair in France. It is interesting to note that the engine worked on peanut oil, not naphtha!

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